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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tattooing over Chest

Tattoing is one of the most widely employed technique for the body alteration it is both permanent and temporary. Tattooing originates from EGYPT. It was mainly restricted to female entertainers in those times.
Tattooers select a particular design by confining themselves to their to their colleagues/friends. Some women get tattooed as it enhances their beauty. There are various locations of tattooing on body like arms, chest, hip,face, lower abdomen, back, or whole body. The breasts are their best places to get tattooed and is essential in covering the body if they prefer to get off their upper clothes.
 Men prefer to get designs like  ships, Nautical stars, ancestors, swallows. women prefer to get roses, eagles, eyes etc on their breasts.
Men usually prefer to get tattooed on arms and face but they prefer to get their chest tattooed rarely. Women choose  breast, hip, lower abdomen,  women prefer to get their first tattoo on their breast. their first tattoo will be usually names, hearts, flowers, butterflies, feminine images. they prefer some locations in spite of double charges!. Some women get Tattoed names like Larry joe vitelli but how far a male partner can accept this ?. I think its very hard to accept such women by their partners so checkout girls.
women are getting whole body or particularly breast so that they are stigmatizing the person whom these in intimate contact. But, some women don't prefer to get tattooed their breast areas as if when they were o an interview it looks awkward as it looks half and it is not that easy in such cases. .
The canvases of the body are "rib panels" , "chest caps" are typically symmetrical built around a central design and ultimately connected to the back piece.chest tattooing offers large area for big tattoo designs. chest makes a wonderful place for tattoo design and extensive backgrounds of traditional designs will lead to creative phenomenon for women.chest tattooing is the best and most advantageous for getting a large sized tattoowe  have an advantage here to show our tattoo . when we get a appropriate time and hide during time when we must

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